Some pix of new owners and horses included.  Also see the photo gallery for pix of these winning horses we have sold!

NoteNot all updates and emails can be posted as we get too many emails on the horses we have sold and their winnings!

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Jennifer Schmidt  - Buyer of Laser Fire a/k/a Paris


CONGRATS to Jen & Paris for being the 2010 PHBA WORLD CHAMPION BARREL RACER!!


hey gal...just an email to let you know Paris and i are doing wonderful. she has been a wonderful partner and friend, and we have had a great year.  I am almost always in the 1D on her, and we get lots of compliments on what a great team we are.  I am so thankful you hooked us up!  She is definitely one of the best horses i have ever owned.  Thank you and will continue to recommend your services!



Becki Coon (mother of Audrey Coon) -- Buyer of Little Okies Angel a/k/a Cricket

Just thought I would send you Audrey and Cricket's picture from WBR in Guthrie this past July 19th.  They placed 2nd in the 6D and won $525 and a Classic Equine ESP saddle pad.  Hopefully tomorrow we will find out if she also won the Classic Equine $500 for wearing their boots.  The girl who won 1st in the 6D didn't have any boots on her horse and Audrey had hers on Cricket.  Would really be nice if they won it too!

Becky Coon



Kristine Knauf -- Repeat Customer utilizing the Programs

Update 12-11-2009

Every time I am searching for a new horse my first step is talking to Heather. Our first purchase back in 2007 was a horse name Doc Moon Man aka Sprout, Heather helped me find a horse that was best suited for me and she did just that. Without even trying him out I knew he was going to be a perfect fit, she gave me all the information I needed to be sure about it. And he was and still is! . . . when I was looking to purchase again in 2008 who I went to Heather. . . But this time I did not buy a horse she had on consignment, I asked for her help in choosing the right horse to buy, and she helped me!

Finding the right horse is difficult, especially over the internet, Heather would help me do research on them and their backgrounds, help review videos and give me her opinion on them. And once again we made our next purchase JK Copper Tia Treat, who is also another great horse!

. . . I could have gotten any number of other horses that could have been “problem horses” but I didn’t with the help of Heather!

Just this year we made another purchase, Heather helped me a ton out on this one! I e-mailed her probably twice a day with tons of horses for her to help me pick apart and she did! Finally we got down to it and we purchased a horse called CB Day, this is only my first year with him and we are already starting to dominate! And if I ever had any troubles she would always be glad to review videos for me and tell me what I was doing wrong and things I could do to improve my runs.

Everyone always asks me how can you just buy a horse without even seeing it, let alone not even trying it out… I always say thanks to Heather Haltom and all the help she has given me!

Thanks Heather!


CB Day a/k/a CB

JK Copper Tia Treat a/k/a Tia


. . . anyway sprout ran great! . . .  he won the 1d . . . and then in the 2nd open he got 2nd in the 1d! . . . Thanks!!!

Another update August, 2007:

. . .I have a lot of good news!  I am really starting to click with sprout! were winning everything! . . . Thanks soo much for the best thing that ever happened to me in my life!



Doc Moon Man a/k/a Sprout

Valerie Howell  -- Buyer of Josie Lasan Bars a/k/a "The Oklahoma Fat Girl" a/k/a "Josie"

UPDATE 12-07-2009

Josie and Peppa (Daisy named her Cheerios) are doing wonderful! I have a bunch of pictures that I need to send you. Josie is so sweet, she still kicks up when you pony her and she loves to go out and be rode! We have been placing in the 1D/2D (depending on how hard I ride) and is still sound as a dollar. She is very automatic to ride and fits my style perfectly. Talk about an easy mare to haul and be around. We pulled an embryo from her this year (we love her that much we want to have two) and her recip mare is going to have her baby by Firewater Ta Fame in 2010. When Daisy gets a little older she is going to be her horse and Daisy can't wait. Cheerios is a state wide legend herself. She goes everywhere with us and Daisy rides her all over. She happily trots and lopes everywhere and is full of energy. Daisy loves her so much she had to have our brand put on her, I think we are the only family around that has their mini branded. haha

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to own such wonderful horses. You were very easy to do business with. Not only were you upfront about everything but you handled it all for me, where all I had to do was step on my new horse. I couldn't have asked for anything better. We will own both of our horses the rest of their lives. Thank you again.




Thank you Pocob for the best barrel horse in the world!!!

I just love her, she is so awesome.  She is super easy to ride, great to haul and only wants to please.   She loves to be loved and I love to love her.  She and I just clicked and I want to tell you thank you for letting me purchase my new best friend. 

Josie is the best!!!! 



Anita Bach (proud Mother of Tyra)  -- Buyer of Button Sassy a/k/a "Codie" to us and "Boogie" to them


Codie has been officially renamed and entered as Boogie. She and Tyra ran for the first time ever today in the IBRA finals (first time Boogie has ever been entered and she only exhibitioned once today at a slow lope). . . They ran a smooth, effortless 17.0 - WON the 3 D and a check for $210.88 - just crusin' - no over and under or anything yet.  Very excited for their future. Thank you so much for this awesome horse. It has been FUN working with you - you did a great job reading our situation and matching Tyra up with the perfect horse. All your help and advice is appreciated - you are always there when we need you and we can't thank you enough - Boogie is awesome and so are you!


Cheyenne Atkins -- Buyer of Dacis First Wrangler a/k/a "Daci"

Hey Heather,
            I was just wanting to let you know that we still have Daci. She is one of the sweetest horses we have ever owned. We had started her on the barrels but decided to breed her last summer to Jrs High Browse and she gave birth to a beautiful dark brown stud colt on March 28. We plan on finishing her in the barrels sometime this coming winter. THANK YA'LL again for selling us such a wonderful horse!!!!
                                                                                  Cheyenne Atkins

Brandy Robson (proud Mother of Morgan, JD & Megan)  -- Buyer of Dinkys Twister a/k/a "Twister"


On October 4, 2008, Dinkys Twister a/k/a "Twister", owned and ridden by Morgan Robson, died of complications from colic.  Twister will be greatly missed not only by Morgan and her family, but the fans who enjoyed watching the duo compete.  Morgan and Twister were "little" in their size (but they never knew it) and a winning duo that packed quite the winning punch!


            Thank you for Twister; she has gotten really close with Morgan.  She loves the barrels Jr. Rodeo . . .  (update August 14, 2006)

 Dave, Brandy, Morgan, JD and Megan

Annette Rodeo (proud Mother of Melissa) -- Buyer of Its You Rocky a/k/a "Rocky"

Hey Heather,

Well the season kicked off here yesterday.  Rocky was out since last July.  We pulled him out of the pasture and he won money in the open poles, and came back to win the youth poles as well. Can you believe he's 21 years old now?  And still running strong. Thanks again,  he is just soo much fun.  Thanks! Annette and Melissa in Texas (Update 03/18/07)


Hey Heather,

How ya doing?  I thought I would drop a line . . . Melissa is still competing and doing quite well.......Rocky got injured several weeks ago . . . he will probably be out the rest of this season,  however he was leading for 2 pole saddles again this year, and Melissa pulled her backup horse in to try to cover for Rocky.   I think she's leading for 5 saddles with 5 shows left to go (Update August 6, 2006).


Hey Heather,

....Melissa won the pole saddle on Rocky this year as our year just ended for the year end awards........She is riding him so well, she still just loves Rocky...........(Update Nov. 5, 2005)


Hey Heather,

Melissa ran Rocky yesterday and ran a 21.132 to win the open- she then came back to run a 20.7 to take the youth as well. She is really coming into her own on Rocky-

Thanks! Annette 

Krista Wilson -- Buyer of Whistlin Bell a/k/a "Bell"

Hey Heather!

Bell and I are doing great. We get more together everytime we run.  She (Bell) is teaching me a lot! I am still interested in coming down there to let you help and work with me. . . Thanks a bunch!


Susie McConaghie -- Buyer of Runaway a/k/a "Bean" formerly known as "Jet"

Heather I just wanted to let you know that Jet AKA Bean is doing GREAT!  He has really came into his own.  He placed 2nd at our first jackpot and looks like a million.  He will forever have a home here.  We just love him.
Thanks Again


Davina Limes (proud Mother of Danielle Limes) -- Buyer of Strait Dream a/k/a "Strait" 

Just wanted to drop an update! Danie has been competing in Little Britches and High School Rodeo all year and has never placed in the top 5 -- but, Friday nite they placed 3rd at Little Britches . . . And the run was far from picture perfect.  . . . 
Any way, just dropping ya'll a note. Will send pictures when I get some. 

Davina Limes

Hiedi Scoles -- Buyer of Heza Ninnekah Star a/k/a "Matt"

I love this horse!!  I asked Heather to find me a DEAD BROKE honest horse that I could go (and occasionally my mom) have fun on and that is what Matt is!!   He is so laid back and very honest in every way.  He has been placing every week since I got him home last month!!  Matt is averaging $100 a week with limited hauling plus a trophy Headstall!  Heather was very honest about Matt and told me everything I needed to know about him so that when I came down to look at him I knew what to expect.  She also gives great tips on how to improve or things to do to get more out of your runs.  Heather was very accommodating since I had drove down from Iowa to Oklahoma to look at Matt, and then again when I bought him.  I will definitely be back to buy another horse from her in the future.

Hiedi Scoles


Jennifer Thomas (proud Mother of Genesis Thomas) -- Buyer of Happy Jo Jo 

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Happy Jo Jo. We have changed his name to Blastin Buddy Barrel Burner. (Buddy for short) It fits him. . . my 5 year old started trotting at local shoes with him. One month later at the "Super Riders" barrel and pole event, Buddy and Genesis went into the alley and it was like a spark went off and they took off running. She came home with two huge belt buckles that night, 3rd in barrels and Reserve Champion in poles. Needless to say, they've been burning it up ever since. Since then she has won another buckle and just last month won a 16 week series based on a point system which is compared against all riders from 6-18 years old. Her reward is a $1000 trophy saddle. Keep in mind she is still only 5 and had to run in the 6-9 age group to be eligible for the saddle. She ran against a full class each night . . . We actually had people protesting my 5 year old daughter on her 12 hand pony from competing in the older group against all full sized horses. We were totally in the rules and obviously everyone was a little intimidated by Genesis and Buddy.  Everywhere we go people are amazed by this little team and I thank God everytime I look at ole Buddy. He has truely been the perfect little horse with a huge motor!  

Thanks so much.

Jennifer Thomas


Pee Wee Rodeo; Youth Rodeo; Play Day and Open 4D competitor.

Angela Lang -- Buyer of Runaway a/k/a Jet  

Just wanted to let you know that my first weekend running Jet was a huge success!  We won the 3D at the Buz Post barrel race, and brought home my biggest check ever!!  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to own this awesome horse.  

Thanks Heather!


Angie & Jet in the May, 2003 issue of the Barrel Horse News. Their first barrel race together!

Open Rodeo and Open 4D competitor.

DaLane Morgan -- Buyer of Watch Out Pep a/k/a Pep

I have placed 3rd in the 1D, at the last 3 jackpots.   He really gets a lot of compliments.  Thank you soooo much for letting me give Pep a new home.  Please take care.   

DaLane and Rob

Another Update after the July 4th weekend:

I wanted to let you know that Pep did great this past holiday weekend.   He won the first go, won the short go and won the buckle. Thanks again,      DaLane

Some results with DaLane and Pep:

May 11, 2003

May 26, 2003

August Buzz Post Results

Jurassic Classis Results

Darrell Dennis (proud father of Crystal Dennis) buyer of Easy N Cute a/k/a Bronson

(owning Bronson just a couple weeks) . . This brings there total winnings to $695.00. We are so happy with Bronson, Crystal is in love with him. They still have room for improvement. 

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure buying from you and Todd!!

Happy customers,

Darrell, Patty, and Crystal Dennis

Another Update:

This past weekend at a Hays, KS rodeo Crystal and
Bronson made it back to the short go and won first in
the short go and 1st in the average. They ran a 17.5
in the mud which was the fastest time of the 3 day
rodeo. They will also be going to the regional finals
in Lawton, OK on May 8th, 9th and 10th. They take the
top 12 in the region and I think her and Bronson ended
up 7th.

We'll keep you posted.


Other wins for Crystal and Bronson:

D&G in Chickasha, Oklahoma

She also placed and won at several of her college rodeos!

Open Rodeo; College Rodeo and Open 4D Competitor.

Lorie Johnson (proud mother of Shelby Johnson) -- Buyer of Docs Classmate a/k/a Nitro

Hi, shelby ran nitro last week in jr. barrels first time she ever ran in competition, and she ran a 17.68 not to bad for a first time! she loves it! talk to you later. Lorie

Youth Rodeo; Open Rodeo and Open 4D Competitor.


Audrey Faulkenburg -- Buyer of Junos Dash a/k/a Juno


    I thought I would email you and let you know how and Juno and I did at or first show.  We took home 3rd in the 3rd division so I was very proud of him. Thank you selling me such a good horse. He is a doll and I fall more in love with him every day. Thanks again!



Richard Clifton -- Buyer of Some Kinda Fanci Bar a/k/a Fanci

Hello Heather,

My grandson loves Fanci.  We've never had him mounted right, which in the long run will have helped him, so she's the first horse he's had that he can win on, once he gets used to her.  He had the fastest barrel and pole runs of his life Saturday.  

Thanks again,


Kim Scott (mother of Danya Scott) -- Buyer of My Friends Cash a/k/a Boomer

(second barrel race) . . .  Danya ran Boomer in Broadus MT, Saturday, and won 1st in 2D. 



College Rodeo; prior High School Rodeo; Open Rodeo and Open 4D competitor.  

Becki Coon (mother of Audrey Coon) -- Buyer of Whistle & Grin a/k/a Whistle 


  Thank you again for everything.   Audrey is in heaven with Whistle!   Thank you again for everything!!!!

   Becki Coon


Audrey & Whistle in the May, 2003 issue of the Barrel Horse News.

Youth Rodeo; Open Rodeo and Open 4D competitor.

Codie Place -- Buyer of Not Fair a/k/a Lena

I am so excited to run her tomorrow. She is so fun to ride. Tonight when Levi and I went out to catch the horses, he just jumped on Lena with no halter or anything and she just followed me to the gate. It was so funny. I love her soooooooooo much, thanks again and she said to tell you, Todd, and Josie hi and she misses you.

Codie Place


. . .she worked awesome. I got 2nd, but only by a couple of hundredths. It was an NBHA. I think I told you I was 3rd in the season 1D standings, anyway after last night I moved up to 2nd and only 9 points out of 1st. We are really getting together and becoming more consistent. I am so so happy with how things are going. Take Care, Codie

2006 UPDATE:

Hey Heather,

. . . We are doing well. Lena and I took some time off but we are back on the road again and it feels great. The past two summers we have only gone to a few rodeos and barrel races. Anyway, I have gone to three barrel races so far and have done well. This past weekend I went to Gillette, WY to a 4D. There were 170+ barrel racers and won the 2D on Sunday and qualified for the short round. I won a really nice buckle. Lena is doing great. She is working so well. I have only been riding her for 3 weeks so she is not even in shape and is only ˝ a second off of some really tough horses . . . I can’t believe how much I missed running her. Hope things are well and hope to hear from you soon.


College Rodeo; WPRA; Open Rodeo and Open 4D competitor.

Sharon Reist -- Buyer of Dazzle The Gold a/k/a Meeko

I haven't got to talk to you in a long while and now that I have internet access again I just wanted to send you a little note to let you you know that Meeko ( Dazzle The Gold ) is still in my possession and is not going in anywhere. I have had a few people interested in him, but I just can't let him go. Everyone thinks he is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. Thanks Again.
Sharon Reist, North Carolina

Charla Whooten -- Buyer of Sheza Bay To Watch a/k/a "Babe"

Just wanted to let you know that I still have Babe. She is an absolutley amazing. She is finished on barrels and is smoking! I look to have an awesome season on her this year. We may even start hitting some open rodeos and possible join the Cpra. I wouldn't trade her or sale her for all the money in the world.

Thanks a million


Sally Piper -- Buyer of Incredible KC a/k/a "KC"

I don't know if you have talked to Dalane or not but thought I would tell you how last weekend went.  I won 5 checks on him - 2 in the 2-D and 3 in the seniors. I won the senior average and won a blanket which is, of course, too small for him LOL and it was a team deal and my senior team won the entire barrel race and I won a summer sheet - which is again too small for him - We made some pretty nice runs - . . . He went to his knees on the first barrel- got up - and still ran with 5 tenths of the winning run. . . .

He is everything that you said he was - easy to get along with, easy to ride . . .
Talk to you later


Sally lost her battle with cancer on January 25, 2007.  She was a wonderful woman and I am blessed to have known her and had the opportunity to work with her.  She will be missed, but knowing her has impacted my life.


Sellers (owners we have brokered horses for) & General References

General Reference: . . . Well, I currently own and ride "Hemi" (Button Sassy) and she was a personal horse of Heather's. I got this mare, and realized her running style and my riding style were very different. Although I live in Kansas and Heather in Oklahoma, I can say with certainty we would not be winning, and getting better with my horse if it weren't for the input and support from Heather. I feel like I have gained a great horse and a great friend through this process. I would NEVER hesitate to recommend purchasing a horse from Heather. She is honest, she knows her stuff, and is eager to help you. The "service after the sale" is hard to come by with some trainers, but not with Heather. She's the real deal!!

Tanda Bartlett

Seller Comment:  Heather, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the deal you put together for our youth horse.  I was a little skeptical at first since I just had the horse transported to you and did not meet you in person but everything went smoothly.  Nine days from delivery to money what else can I say.  Kolton never would have sold her without the effort you put forth sending us pictures of the potential buyers, etc.  Will definitely do business again in the near future. 

Sonja Vice


General Reference: Looking for the perfect horse?  Need help evaluating, researching, checking references?  Would you like to hear from an honest, straight forward individual that gives an honest, professional and objective opinion?  You need Heather!! This lady rocks!  She isn't interested in making a buck and moving on - she wants what you need and she will help you get it.  You will not find anyone in the horse market today who is more reputable and helpful than Heather.  She will try to match you with one of her horses - and if you are lucky enough to match - you will have a horse that is honest and is what she says it is - BUT if not - Heather will help you find one.  We have dealt with Heather on several levels and she just can't be beaten!  Heather will not wrong you - she may tell you something you don't want to hear - but listen up - cause this girl's honest and SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKIN' ABOUT.  She isn't paying me to say this, but the horses she has hooked us up with will be. 

Thanks for all your help and opinions and time!  God has blessed you and now he has blessed us with you also!

Anita Bach


Seller Comment:  Heather was great to work with. She took care of all the details down to the smallest thing including all the advertising. She was honest and upfront from the beginning. She told you how she planned to market your horse and was very forthcoming on what she thought the sale ability of the horse was. She shows horses to multiple buyers which greatly increases the possibility of selling! Would recommend her to anyone who is serious about selling a horse and tired of the "tire kickers". She will have my return business next time I have a personal horse for sale!

Chelsea Tidyman


Seller Comment:  I emailed Heather on Sunday afternoon and asked if she could help me sell my mare. On Monday she had already found someone who want to look at her. She was sold by Wed. night.  Heather took care of all the business end for me and made everything go fast and easy. She was great to work with and I will be sure to ask for help if I have another horse to sell. Thanks Heather for you help!!
Brenda Edwards


Seller / General Reference:  I would recommend her if you are looking for someone to sell your horse. She has sold some for me and rode one for me. She is very knowledgeable about horses and I have personally seen how she helps train many people and gives of herself and her time and asks nothing in return. She has helped teach me to ride barrels and given endless hours. I have personally seen her help train several youth, and they are doing well. 

Sincerely, Kathy Gray

Buyer / Seller Comment: You will hear both pro and con on Heather.  She has always been good to me and tried to help any time she could; however, she has been known to speak her mind, which sometimes makes people not like her.  She will haul your horse and show it to multiple buyers if that is what you want and be honest with you about the sale ability of it.  She also has her own website to advertise with, which is a plus.  I placed a horse with her and it sold in 3 weeks for the price that I wanted (and since I did not want to ride the horse or show it myself, that was a definite plus).  I have never heard back from the purchaser, so I assume they are satisfied, as am I.  I continue to advertise with her at the present time.

Diane Guinn

Buyer / Seller Comment: I started working with Heather several years ago when I had a horse I couldn't get along with and needed to sell . . .  I ran across Heather on the internet while looking for rodeo horses and started talking to her via email.  At the time I didn't have the budget for another finished horse but told her about my horse I needed to sell.  She started asking me some questions and before long I had decided to send her to Heather to see how she could help.  Heather rode the horse for me and started looking for the right buyer that could get along with her better than I could.  She ended up putting the horse in a great home and the family that has the horse now is really getting along great with her, which is what I wanted.  That is what is great about Heather.  She can put your horses in the right hands and make both parties completely satisfied.   I have been both a buyer and a seller through Heather and can say I have been pleased with all my dealings.  

Hiedi Scoles